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A vibe!!

Ken is the bomb and a whole vibe!! Love this show and the variety of topics!!

Great Show

Ken is an excellent host, he shares lots of great info!

Great show

So many good episodes! Authentic and entertaining. Make sure you subscribe!

Love Yourself First

Episode 104!! Great tip! Thank you for an uplifting podcast. ❤️

Can’t stop won’t stop

King just keeps making hits 💪🏾

Great show

So many good episodes!

Good Stuff

This is a fun podcast. I love Ken to death. His positivity is infectious. Recommend.

The geeky dad pod

Ken is a great podcaster. Great perspectives on life.


Great show!!!

Great interviewer

Host has interesting guests and truly cares about their stories. A genuine interviewer. -Crime Diner

Great Podcast!

Good, genuine conversations here. Highly recommended!

Honest and open. We need more podcasters like MrGentleman. Very well done podcast with excellent episodes.

Always a must listen podcast for me.


One of my favorite podcasters hands down. Humorous, genuine and give the best advice. Keep continuing and don’t let the haters stop you!

Dope podcast 💙💙💙🔥

I love this podcast! The conversations are on point and it’s very entertaining!


What a fantastic show! I can feel the hosts generous and kind nature through the airwaves. So many various topics to cover and he is nailing it. Highly recommend this podcast!

Great show!

Love love love this show, great interviews and conversations. Can’t wait to listen to his ne t episode!

So proud

So proud of the positivity that spews from each episode of this podcast!

Top notch energy!

This positivity is something everyone needs in their lives. For sure brought something valuable to our days 💯 - Be Your Own Sugar Daddy Poscast

Cool Production and Energy

I like what I heard. Definitely well put together with a classic night radio flow.

Great Podcast

Love the podcast! The more positivity in the world the better. Keep up the good work!

Fun, Entertaining podcast

I had so much fun being a guest on this show. Ken is such a great host. We discussed my acting career, favorite show or movie, and my podcast. I had such a great time chatting. Great questions and a great time! - Michelle Miller Mentors on the Mic

A little bit of everything for everyone!

Ken covers a variety of topics with a plethora of interesting and amazing people. If you’re looking for a show with a bit of everything with a host and guests to match, you’ve found it. 👍🏻


Love the energy and positivity of this podcast! The hosts is awesome and really delivers a wide diverse and well produced podcast ❤️ -Bringthemio Podcast

A vibe!

Just came across this podcast today and it’s such a vibe! I’ve never seen podcasters intertwine songs amongst their segments and it made me feel like I was listening to the radio!

Awesome Podcast

Mr.Gentlement covers a wide range of vey interesting topics. He is authentic and true to himself and you can really hear that through the show. Love the diverse guests featured on the show as well.


Love the topics that mrgentleman covers.

Very enjoyable

I enjoy the content of the podcast! It’s fun to listen to and I love the insert of music to help the entertainment.

Really enjoy the old school songs.

They are not so old school for my old Boomer self lol

Love this podcast

Thank you for bringing a show of amazing talent together. Thank you for my interview and for the support love you Ken (The Realest Gentleman)