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On September 11th 2019 The Premiere Boyz Podcast was born. Kenneth Pyle Jr Aka Ken Aka MrGenteman (Host of MrGentleman Lifestyle Podcast) and 2 of his friends from high school Rondell Johnson aka Aaron "King Talk" Sands (Host of King Talk With Aaron Sands) and Roderick Fecker aka "The Star" Roddy Rod Fka Dj Retro where we discuss topics about everything that is going on in the culture today. On September 11th 2020 on the 1 year anniversary,  we added another friend from high school Alvin Stewart aka "Long Live The Chief" Malimal where the show rebranded into a 4 men show. With 41 episodes  all together for season 1 and season 2  and season 3 on the way being on the Goodpods and Apple Podcast Charts soon it's only up from here. You can check out The Premiere Boyz Podcast on Anchor fm, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Iheartradio, Amazon Music, Goodpods and Many More.


Viewer discretion is advised And May Not Be For Everybody


New Episode Every Wednesday At 12am



Ken Aka MrGentleman

Host Of MrGentleman Lifestyle Podcast

Ig @ken_mrgentleman



MrGentleman Lifestyle Podcast Host By Ken Aka MrGentleman (Every Sundays and Every 1st and 3rd Thursdays)


Aaron "King Talk" Sands

Host Of King Talk With Aaron Sands 

Ig @aaronsandspremiere


King Talk With Aaron Sands Hosted By Aaron "King Talk" Sands (Every Fridays)

"The Star" Roddy Rod

Host Of A Conversation With A Star Podcast (Coming Soon)

Ig @thestarroddyrod


A Conversation With A Star Podcast  Hosted By "The Star" Roddy Rod (Coming Soon)


"Long Live The Chief" Malimal

Host Of The Bridge Podcast (Coming Soon)

Ig @theycallmemalimal

The Bridge Podcast Hosted By "Long Live The Chief" Malimal (Coming Soon)



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