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Episode 78 - The Biggest Show Of The Summer (Prediction Show) With Mr Aaron

August 21, 2021

Episode 78 - The Biggest Show Of The Summer (Prediction Show) With Mr Aaron "King Talk" Sands 8/21/2021
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on this episode we have both Mr Aaron Sands ( from The Premiere Boyz Podcast and King Talk With Aaron Sands) back on the show doing the summerslam and takeover 36 prediction 


Aaron "King Talk" Sands Contact Info:

ig: @aaronsandspremiere


King Talk With Aaron Sands (Every Fridays):https://anchor.fm/kingtalkwithsands

The Premiere Boyz Podcast (Every Wednsdays): www.anchor.fm/thepremiereboyzpodcast

Hs Last Old School Show Appearance (episode 8)https://anchor.fm/kenmrgentleman/episodes/The-old-school-show-episode-8---what-happened-to-this-saturday-morning-and-afternoon-cartoons-era-part-1-with-mr-Aaron-sands-7252021-e13vlr3

 His Last Appearance on MrGentleman Lifestyle podcast (episode 67): https://anchor.fm/kenmrgentleman/episodes/Episode-67---the-biggest-prediction-show-ever-w-mr-aaron-sands-442021-eu0emv 



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My Guest Appearances on King Talk With Aaron Sands:

Episode 9: https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/king-talk-with-aaron-sands-1592513/episodes/episode-9-a-convo-with-the-gen-93467839 

Episode 10: https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/king-talk-with-aaron-sands-1592513/episodes/episode-10-the-return-of-the-s-94680567 

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Aaron "King Talk" Sands

Host of King Talk With Aaron Sands / 1/4 Host Of The Premiere Boyz Podcast / Promoter / Photographer

• Host of King Talk With Aaron Sands
•1/4 Host of The Premiere Boyz Podcast
• Ceo of Shot By Sands
• Nightlife Promoter