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Sept. 30, 2022

#1 Show and #1 Episode on GoodPods..... WHATTTTTT!!!!!!!!!

#1 Show and #1 Episode on GoodPods..... WHATTTTTT!!!!!!!!!
Hello Everybody
Hello To My GentleFam!!!!
Hope All Is Well
I Honestly Don't Know What To Say But Thank You Everybody For Your Support, Thank You For Giving MrGentleman Lifestyle Podcast A Chance and Thank You For Believing In Me
Thank You GoodPods For The Opportunity And The Support
Update As Of todat 2 Days #1 wow

• #1 For Top 100 Shows Normal Chart /Indie Chart

• #1 on Top 100 Episodes Normal Chart

• #1 in the Society and Culture Normal Chart / Indie Chart


Thank You Everybody I Appreciate Each And Every One Of You For Real Its Really Meant Alot


Shout Out To Every Indie Podcasters That Killing It Dont Give Up and Continue To Bring Out Dope Content

THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Let's Keep Growing The Show

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Key Notes

 •  This Is My First Time #1 On The Top 100 Charts On GoodPods (Second Day As Of Today)

• Second Time On The Top 100 Episodes Chart (First Time With Bonus Episode Don't Call It A ComeBack Part 2)

• First Time #1 On The Society And Culture Chart on January 21st