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July 24, 2022

MrGentleman Lifestyle Podcast Highlights For 2022 (So Far)

MrGentleman Lifestyle Podcast Highlights For 2022 (So Far)

Hello Everybody


Hello to The GentleFam (Can i Call Yall That? Thats My Official Name For Yall)


Hope All Is Well


This Year So Far Been AN amazing Year For MrGentleman Lifestyle Podcast And With Season 6 Coming  Later This Year We Gonna Celebrate The HIghlights We Made This Year


Once Again Thank You Everybody " The GentleFam"


Total Plays:22,700k


Highest Charts Peak:

Apple Podcast:

Documentary (Jamaica) #6

Society and Culture (Jamaica): #153

Entertainment  News (Australia): #23

Entertainment News (Usa): #41

Entertainment News (Qatar) : #6

All News (Qatar):  #216

Documentary  (Philippines) #4

Society and Culture (Philippines) #70

Documentary (Great Britain) #169


Top 100 Shows #4 Normal  Indie #3

Society  and Culture #1

Documentary  #1

Top 5 Episodes Of All Time:

Special Episode  - Happy 34th Birthday Episode 5/17/2021 1810 Plays

The Old School Show Episode 6 -  Nickelodeon Episode  5/30/2021 1660 Plays

A Conversation About Music Podcast Episode 0 -  Why I Love Music 6/6/2021 854 Plays

Episode 75 - One Year Later With Angelica  7/18/2021  714 Plays

Episode 69 - Reset and Rebrand? 4/18/2021628 Plays


Thank You GentleFam For The Support Let Continue To Grow The Show


Look Out  For Season 6 of MrGentleman Lifestyle Podcast Coming Soon